What We're doing

Our event will take place on February 15th, 2022

We are going to be cycling from Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth and cycling through England making scheduled stops along the way in Reading, Stratford Upon Avon and Shrewsbury where we will then get to our goal location, Snowdonia national park.


After staying in Snowdonia overnight, we will then proceed to climb up Snowdon Massif in the morning via the Pyg route. We will be doing this towards the end of winter at which stage the mountain range will still be very dangerous however we will be fully trained and ready for this hike ensuring we have all necessary provisions and tools to make the trip safely and responsibly including crampons and ice axes.


Once reaching the summit we intend on making the largest portion of our remembrance video provided it’s not too windy, we also intend on making a remembrance banner with as many pictures of lost loved ones as we can fit in a banner we can safely bring with us.


After completing all intended media from the summit, we will be traveling back down the mountain via the miner's track to get a new set of views from the mountain. Once we have completed this journey, we will head back to our lodging for the night and continue on in the morning back to Portsmouth via the same stops but trying where possible to take a different route to explore more of England’s cycle routes. We will eventually end up back in Gunwharf to announce the completion of our journey and then proceed to donate all money raised by us to calm from both our GoFundMe and all the collection pots we have left in shops.