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Snowdon Massif

How will we start our day and what routes are we taking to hike up Snowdon

Our hike up Snowdon will take place on February 19th, 2022 after our 4-day journey from Portsmouth. We will be leaving our accommodation at 7:30 AM at sunrise to make the most use of the sunlight for the day but not proceeding too early so we can get good footage of the hike. We want to take a route up Snowdon that is neither too easy nor too dangerous. For this reason, we have decided to take the Watkins path to reach the summit and then the miners track to return back down the mountain. The entire hike should take us between 7 and 9 hours. Sunset is at 17:30 so we will aim to be back down by 17:00 latest to ensure we don't risk limited visibility and being trapped up the mountain in the dark. Due to Snowdon being close to arctic weather conditions in February being as low as 3 degrees, we will be wearing heavy-duty jackets hiking boots and will also need to bring crampons and ice axes. This is going to be an interesting experience for both of us and we intend on training both our cycling and climbing skills. Whilst climbing up we will take loads of photographs, video footage for our vlog, and some amazing cinematic drone footage, weather permitting. 


This hike will be very weather dependant due to the extreme conditions especially at the peak of the mountain. So on the off chance, it's too dangerous, we may have to delay the climb by a day or even cancel the climb altogether, more on this closer to the time. 

The Watkin Route

Grade: Hard strenuous walk

6.69 KM 

Total ascent 1021 M

Approx 3.4 hrs

The Watkin path was first created as a donkey path in 1892 named after Sir Edward Watkin, but never truly finished. It begins just above sea level making it the longest route compared to any other direct route up Snowdon. We will arrive at the Pont Bethania car park by 8 AM where we will do a quick social media check-in to inform everyone we have begun our ascent, we will then proceed up the mountain.  We chose this route because it would provide us with an adequate challenge to overcome but also due to it being the most scenic with natural beauty and amazing landscapes including the waterfalls, the 3 lakes, and of course the mountain itself. We will be taking all necessary equipment to ensure we not only enjoy our hike but do so safely. This route initially takes us through the Nant Gwynant woodland where we'll proceed through to the main route to Snowdon. This ascent will include steep stairs, rocky paths, and towards the top the most dangerous section which has many loose rocks and no true designated path; at this point depending on visibility on the day we may require the use of our maps and our compass. Some other equipment we will have to purchase will be crampons, ice axes, and any other safety gear we deem necessary to complete this journey safely.  

For more info on the track please visit:

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The Miners track

Grade: Hard strenuous walk

6.54 KM 

Total Descent  766M

Approx 3 hrs

We chose to return back down the mountain via the Miners track as it's far easier than the Watkins route, safer and it gives us the chance to see Snowdon from a different path. The Miner's track was built to serve the Britannia Copper Mine on Snowdon but was not the original path used by the miners. Due to the history of this site not only do you get to see Snowdon's natural sites but also the history including the remains of the miner's house. Even though this route is safer it still poses threats, particularly in winter. We will need to be especially careful at the top because the Zig Zags are an accident blackspot when iced with the final section often corniced over in full winter conditions. During this part, we will be sticking together and using our ice axes the most to ensure we don't slip or fall off. Once getting through the Zig Zags the route is a lot more simplistic and will take us down to one of the rivers where we will do another recap video to let everyone know we're down safe and sound and can process to remove our crampons. eventually we will end at Pen-y-Pass car park where we will do our final video for the day recapping on whats happened, how we feel, and finally whats next which will be our journey back to Portsmouth.  

For more info on the track please visit:

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Watkin Path


Miner's Track