Our planned route

How our days will typically go

The aim is to begin cycling every day by 9 AM latest to get an early start. we have tried to distribute the journey evenly over the 9 day period we'll be traveling; each day roughly is about 65 miles and should take 5.5 hours with the exception of days 3 and 6 where the journey is closer to 80 miles and will take us just over 7 hours to complete. We have a designated hour lunch break halfway through each day to ensure plenty of time to regain energy and replenish ourselves. We also intend on taking a mini 15-minute break roughly every 15 miles to maintain pace but also to get views of the areas we'll be passing through. Each day we aim to be at our accommodation to check-in at roughly 5 PM to washup, charge our gear, and then get some food and rest for the next day.   

day 1.jpg

Day 1

Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth to Premiere Inn Central, Reading

63.1 miles 

Approx. 5hr 30min

We will begin at Gunwharf on February 15th, to begin our journey. We intend to try to stay on the National Cycle routes as much as possible. For day 1 we will be primarily using national cycle route 23 where we will proceed from Portsmouth through to Fareham and onto New Alresford. We will stop for an hour break for lunch in New Alresford. Once our break is over we will proceed to Basingstoke where we will likely stop for a snack and to take photos in the town. We will proceed to complete the final quarter of day 1 and finish at our accommodation for the night. Then we will enjoy our initial success with a corona over dinner and relax.

day 2.jpg

Day 2

Premier Inn Central, Reading to Premier Inn Central,

Stratford Upon Avon

69.9 miles 

Approx. 6hr 20min

We intend on getting up at 7:30 AM in order to get all equipment packed, freshened up, breakfast eaten, and checked out ready for a 9 AM start. We will be taking primarily road routes on day 2 due to the busy locations we're passing via the NCR 5, but we intend on taking a long break for lunch since we'll be stopping in Oxford, a place of interest for both of us due to its history and interesting sites such as Oxford Castle. Once taking in what we wanted to with our 2 hours we will head off again to our next stop Hook Norton. Finally, we will complete the last quarter and end day 2 in Stratford Upon Avon where we will do our evening routine and ritual Corona.

day 3.jpg

Day 3

Premier Inn Central, Reading to Premier Inn Central, Shrewsbury 

80.7 miles 

Approx. 7hr 20min

Day 3 contains the longest route on the way to Snowdonia adding an additional 15 miles compared to the other days. To accommodate these 20 miles we'll be heading out at 8 rather than 9. Once leaving our hotel we'll be traveling via National Cycle Route 81. We will head towards Birmingham where we will take a short break due to us both being huge fans of Peaky Blinders and taking an interest in where it was set. We will then head to Wolverhampton where we will take our hour lunch. Other than one more stop it will be our final dash to Shrewsbury where we'll be stopping for the night. Here we will do more site seeing and, you guessed it another couple of celebratory coronas. 

day 4.jpg

Day 4

Premier Inn Central, Shrewsbury to Snowdonia National Park, accommodation TBC 

65.1 miles 

Approx. 5hr 30min

The final and most exciting route to our primary goal, we will be crossing into Wales. As usual, we will leave our hotel by 9 AM and get a move on. The aim is to get loads of footage of England's natural landscape whilst heading to our lunch and photo op destination, the border between Wales and England.  We will likely spend an hour and a half here to enjoy our lunch and get plenty of photos. Once leaving the route we're taking will take us through some truly beautiful landscapes in Wales with lots of hills and interesting sights. We will eventually end in Snowdonia Natural park where our accommodation is still to be confirmed. 

How the 2nd half of the trip will go


Realistically the 2nd half of our trip should be a lot easier due to knowing most of the routes from the first go through. However, as we're trying to take in as much of England as we can we will try to vary our route where possible to provide a fresh perspective on the locations we'll be traveling through. But all the stops and hotels will be the same. 

We will eventually end up back where we started in Gunwharf Quays at roughly 5 PM culminating in the completion of 560 miles of Cycling and the summit of Snowdon Massif!

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